Apple Must Pay Tariffs on 5 Mac Pro Components

Marco Green
October 2, 2019

Things could have been worse as President Trump initially declared that Apple will absolutely get no relief. The point is that something clearly changed, and Apple will continue making its professional-class desktop here. That means those five components, including the computer's optional wheels, will be subject to the 25 percent tariff imposed on goods imported from China. Apple hasn't when the Mac Pro will be available but it's expected to launch before the end of 2019.

The parts Apple needed from China to build its top-of-the-line Mac Pro would have been prohibitively expensive to assemble in the U.S. But now, Apple has announced it's not only building the Mac Pro in America, but production will be right here in Texas. Still, a 25 percent tariff on components adds up to real money, and Apple had previously indicated it would move production out of its Austin facility without an exemption.

President Donald Trump on Monday linked on his Twitter account to a Fox Business story about Apple's plans in Texas and praised the company for supporting United States jobs. At the time, Apple thanked the current administration for their support and revealed it had received a product exclusion.

Over the past few months, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been in conversation with the Trump administration over the trade war with China and its potential impact on the prices of its products.

The five parts denied are five of fifteen Apple originally asked for tariff-free.

Now playing: Watch this: Is the new MacBook Pro worth the upgrade? Apple, however, has made it clear that its commitment to American design and manufacturing is real, and results in over 450,000 just in suppliers alone.

Exclusion decisions are based on whether a product is available only from China, is strategically important or related to Chinese industrial programs, and whether duties will "cause severe economic harm" to the company or U.S. interests.

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