10 Tips for Dealing with Stress in a Relationship

Henrietta Strickland
September 23, 2019

The more effectively each partner copes with stress, the lower is the likelihood of a breakup. Besides, the better two people cope with stress together (for example, discussing negative experiences, allowing another person to speak out, etc.), the greater the cohesion they can achieve.

Of course, you cannot prevent the occurrence of stressful situations in the life of a partner. However, you can prevent a quarrel with a partner based on stress! Below we offer practical tips to help you look at the problem from different perspectives and fix it.


How to cope with your stress

1. Understand what kind of stress you are experiencing. Finding out what exactly led you to stress will help you gather your thoughts and direct your efforts to combat the root cause. Think about what makes you feel overwhelmed and write it down on a piece of paper. To see a problem written on paper means to acknowledge and already half solve it. Begin to think out a plan according to which you can completely get rid of the problem.

2. Increase the number of positive emotions. Regardless of what causes you stress, feelings of joy, gratitude, satisfaction, and love will help you cope with any difficulties. To do this, it is not necessary to start a new and difficult hobby – who has the time for this? Sometimes it’s enough to turn on your favorite music to start

feeling good. Before going to bed, instead of the usual thoughts about your troubles, think about the good that happened to you in a day.

3. Find yourself a calming exercise. Feel ongoing anxiety or depression? Try to calm yourself and cleanse your thoughts with some activity that relaxes you. Perhaps this is meditation? Coloring book for adults? Fragrant bath? An evening walk with a dog?

4. Take care of yourself. Stress can drive you into a vicious cycle consisting of lack of sleep, lack of physical activity and malnutrition ( overeating ). Your body needs resources to manage stress effectively. Each person had days when stress exhausted them so much that they forgot about their own needs. But fighting stress without satisfying the needs of the body is just as pointless as sending a soldier to a war without weapons!

5. Rethink the cause of stress. Stress does not have to evoke negative emotions in you. If you feel that you have enough resources to deal with it (time, money, effort, desire, etc.), then you begin to relate to the very cause of stress differently. You understand that you can solve the problem, even if it takes some time. When a person sees stress but does not feel that they can handle it, they experience anxiety, powerlessness, and feel lost. Take stress as a challenge but not as a threat. Make the cause of stress your exciting challenge to solve.

How to cope with the stress of your partner

The presence of a person nearby who helps to cope with stress and provides the necessary support is of great importance. As a result, the jointly experienced stressful case brings the two people closer together more than anything else. What can you do for your partner to help them cope with the problem?

1. Talk to them. Find out how your partner responds to stress and ask how you can help them. The problem is that all people react differently to stress. Sometimes from the outside, it may seem that a person is just bored! Therefore, it is important to take care and inquire about the status of the partner.

2. Support each other. The more support a person receives from a partner, the lower the likelihood that stress will cause a quarrel in a relationship. You can do it in different ways: start helping more around the house or take an evening to listen to your partner even if you date via single women chat.

3. Create more positive emotions. Not only you need to experience positive emotions during stress – your partner also needs them! But again, any additional activity should not be time-consuming; otherwise, it will only cause even more stress. Watch humorous programs, funny films together, go for a walk in the evening, read funny stories that you found on the Internet to your partner.

4. Help your partner take care of themselves. You already know that a person in a period of stress urgently needs a regimen of sleep, nutrition, and training. Even if all this means that the partner will spend less time with you, go to these sacrifices to help your loved one a person to cope with difficulties.

5. If all this does not help, conduct a joint brainstorm to find a way out. Come to a creative solution to the problem! Come up with your way out of stress. Each pair will have its own method, unlike the others.

Now your task is to really test the suggested advice in practice. Make yourself do it! And you will be amazed at the quick results.

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