YouTube revamps channel verification process

Lawrence Kim
September 20, 2019

"Through our research, we found that viewers often associated the check mark with an endorsement of content, not identity", McPhie explained.

YouTube's verification feature helps creators, brands, musicians, artists, entertainers and other figures gain traction on the site through top recommendations in users' search suggestions. The issue is also that Google really isn't geared up to deal with scale and decision making, especially at the scale at which it operates. The 100,000-subscriber requirement made it possible to game the system by pushing for as many subscribers as possible, even if there was nothing special about the channel or its videos.

Even though we don't have enough subscribers on YouTube (we've only just started doing more video), and we don't have a channel name that can get confused with someone else's, we do still have a substantive recognition outside of YouTube.

Verified channels have a checkmark next to their channel name.

There is more: all channels verified under the old rules have been stripped of that status and, crucially, "there is no process to request channel verification". We've experienced this with Google ads monetisation.

YouTube's new verification process encompasses several factors. Unfortunately, with these changes, your channel no longer meets the criteria to be verified.

"A$3 s YouTube has grown and the ecosystem has become more complex, we needed a new way to verify the identity of channels and help users find the official channel they're looking for", the company writes. "Keep the surprises coming YouTube,"wrote one vlogger, "I bet you're fun at parties".

YouTube will manage the new verification policy on its own side, combining both active human curation and algorithmic calculations to decide if a channel qualifies.

According to TechCrunch, YouTube will ascertain whether a channel represents a "well-known or highly searched for creator, artist, public figure or company" and then consider its online presence and determine how well it is recognized outside of YouTube.

YouTube maintains that the stricter rules are to help viewers. But prominence is much dirtier than that and has YouTubers actively fighting back against this change as YouTube continues to favor celebrity representation over homegrown creators.

Starting in early October 2019, your channel will no longer be verified, but you have the option to appeal the decision here. This will not impact monetization of your channel.

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