Reports Show that Men Are the Fastest-Growing Shoppers When It Comes to Fashion

Olive Rios
September 18, 2019



The fashion industry is one that always seems to be growing and expanding, and while that may not come as much of a surprise, what may in fact surprise people is that it is men that are the fastest-growing shoppers – not women. That’s right, it seems as though men are not only showing an interest in fashion, but are making more purchases than women. They have outpaced sales growth over women since 2016, and this pattern is expected to continue well into 2021 and even widen the gap that currently exists.

What Sparked the Growth?

While men have been outpacing women shoppers since 2016, it was back in 2009 where things really started to change. No longer were the fashion runways dominated by designs for women; suddenly menswear was making a mark for itself. Everything from high-end designers to street style starting to make a mark in the men's fashion industry - high fashion and trends became more mainstream to the everyday consumer.

It's really not that much different than what is driving today's sales. You'll find all the big designers offering structured business attire, but there is this real interest in street clothing and more casual based clothing. Much of that can be attributed to the skate and hip-hop culture which has played a massive role in men's fashion.

The other aspect of the growing sales is the fact that it's all ages that are showing more interest in fashion, not just one particular age group. Designers are now catering to those various age groups and lifestyles, providing them with options that just didn't exist before.

Street Style Has Its Own Movement

As mentioned before, the move towards more casual street style clothing has really emerged in the past decade, and is no longer reserved just for outside of work. With plenty of businesses going business casual and adopting a much less formal dress code, suddenly some of these styles can be translated into the workplace, driving up the sales even more for this style of clothing. In fact, you can find some of the most well-known high-end designers out there offering up clothing, footwear, and accessories that fit into this casual or street style category.

Take a look at these Givenchy sneakers, available through SSENSE, as a great example. You can't get more high-end than Givenchy, but at the same time the designer has found a way to appeal to men who want to dress in a more casual way. They can do so while still being extremely fashionable and on-trend, while paying homage to their favorite designer. These are exactly the kind of sneakers that one could wear on those business casual days, yet still feel completely put together. SSENSE specializes in all things designer-related, offering a wide variety of designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, and have become a popular go-to site.

What About the 2019 Men's Fashion Trends?

As for what men are buying right now and into the fall/winter season, there are plenty of trends worth noting. Simply refer back to Men's Fashion Week that took place at the beginning of the summer in order to get a sense of where design would be heading.

Some of the standouts include the classic cardigan but with a fun twist. Look for patterns, various textures, and bold colors rather than the standard issue cardigan. Zippered boots and sneakers are big in terms of footwear - obviously both are for very different occasions. Down jackets are looking to be the staple item where outerwear is concerned, but rather than the standard issue basic color, prints are showing up.

Who Are the Designers Leading the Pack in 2019?

Just as one may expect, there are a handful of designers that are truly leading the pack in terms of menswear for 2019, and you can look for them to retain their lead on the fashion industry well into the new year.

These include such brands as Timberland, which has long since been a staple on the runways and in the mainstream. What is really sparking interest in Timberland this year is the fact they have such an emphasis on eco-friendly production, which appeals to its demographics. As for its designs, it is showcasing bold prints and colors.

Another designer who is making their mark on the industry is Louis Vuitton. This is one of the oldest and most well-known fashion houses out there, so you can bet the designs coming out of Louis Vuitton are incredible and creative.

A couple of other big brands and designers this year typically reside in the sporting goods category, but are giving other designers a run for their money. Both Nike and Fila are shaking things up and giving a whole new take on street wear and casual wear. It’s a combination of great designs with innovative new fabrics.

An Exciting Time for Men’s Fashion

One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that this is a very exciting time for men’s fashion!


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