Teen's memory resets every two hours following head injury

Henrietta Strickland
September 12, 2019

An Illinois teen says she still can't remember anything after a head injury she sustained months ago, but doctor's can't find anything wrong.

She can't retain memories for longer than two hours since the incident.

"They told us that she may just be like this forever, and I am not OK with that", said Sarah Horner, Riley's mom.

Riley Horner, 16, was accidentally kicked in the head by a student who was crowd-surfing at a dance during a youth agriculture convention in IL.

Despite dozens of trips to hospitals close to home in Monmouth, doctors still seemed baffled as to exactly what is causing her freaky memory loss, her family says.

"They tell us there's nothing medically wrong", Sarah said. "They can't see anything", she said. They can't find anything physically wrong with her through CT scans or MRIs, which makes coming up with the proper diagnosis almost impossible.

Sarah said her daughter has no idea that her brother passed away last week.

"And we tell her every day, but she has no idea about it", she said.

"I know it's hard for them as much as it's hard for me".

Sarah said Riley's first doctor dismissed it as a concussion and simply sent her home on crutches.

Riley's family have to break the news of her uncle's death to the teenager every day.

The teenager told the news service people don't understand her condition.

Riley, who was a bright student and cheerleader at school, said the injury had changed her life dramatically. "Like I will have no recollection of (this interview) come supper time".

"I'm not making memories and I'm just like really scared", Riley Horner said.

Her family fears for her future after being warned it could be a lifelong problem.

"[Doctors] told us she might just be like this forever".

'Today marks 3 months of Riley not making memories. We have a few leads, but most are not local, so we are sifting through trying to find the best options. I keep going back to them in my head, that they are the best place to try!' she said. Everything is more complicated when you just. can not. remember. Sarah said research has shown that at six months with short term memory, it can cause irreversible damage. She says she can't even remember where her locker is in school.

It's a time that should be the most memorable of her life.

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