Women Make More Than Men in Hasbro's ‘Ms. Monopoly’ Board Game

Joanna Estrada
September 11, 2019

The announcement of Ms. Monopoly comes a few weeks after the company received criticism for Monopoly Socialism - a tongue-in-cheek game that sparked debate for its flippant handling of socialism.

It's a far cry from real life, with women working full-time in the United States past year earning 80% of what men take home on average, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Instead of buying traditional properties and charging rent, players will instead have the chance to invest in inventions pioneered by women, including Wi-Fi and chocolate chip cookies, according to CNN.

The game will also tackle gender pay gap with the banker handing out $1,900 Monopoly money to each female player and $1,500 to each male player. Male players will still only collect 200.

The twist? In Ms. Monopoly, female players will get more money.

The game is meant to highlight women who have challenged the status quo, said Hasbro, adding that women held only about 10% of all patented inventions. Whether players will follow this rule remains to be seen.

Hasbro has announced a new version of its classic Monopoly board game, titled Ms. Monopoly, which celebrates women inventors.

Ms Monopoly tells players "Collect 240 salary as you pass GO, if you're a man collect 200" in what Hasbro, Inc. has dubbed the "first-ever game in the Monopoly franchise that celebrates women trailblazers".

The money was awarded to 16-year-old Sophia Wang, who invented a device that can detect sinkholes before they happen; 13-year-old Gitanjali Rao, whose invention helps detect lead in drinking water; and 16-year-old Ava Canney, who invented a spectrometer that measures the amount of dye in candy and soda.

Hasbro launches Ms. Monopoly boardgame on September 10, 2019.

Others said the game still failed to recognize its capitalistic history in regards Elizabeth Magie, the progressive woman of the early 1900s who invented the game. It was a square board with a Go to Jail box in the corner.

Several changes have been made to the iconic board game for the new version.

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