LG adds NVIDIA G-Sync tech into its 2019 OLED TVs

Joanna Estrada
September 11, 2019

An upcoming update for LG's 2019 4K 55- to 75-inch OLED TVs will add Nvidia G-Sync support, the TV maker said Tuesday in a statement.

NVIDIA marketing executive Matt Wuebbling explains: "We are excited to bring G-SYNC Compatible support to LG's 2019 OLED TVs and HDMI Variable Refresh Rate support to our GeForce RTX 20-Series GPUs".

HEXUS regulars will be aware that the headlining Nvidia G-Sync support, is in fact merely Nvidia validating the capabilities of a VESA Adaptive-Sync compatible display to confirm that it can deliver an "Adequate VRR range".

NVIDIA G-SYNC tech is created to reduce flickering, tearing, and stuttering during gameplay via compatible hardware, enabling a smoother gaming experience. Those that pass muster have G-Sync enabled by default when hooking up a compatible PC. Nvidia G-Sync is already available on many computer monitors, including 65-inch displays from Acer, HP and Asus, but LG will offer the first OLED TVs featuring the technology.

The firmware update is coming to LG's 55-inch and 65-inch E9 TVs as well as the 55/65/77-inch C9 televisions. Looking at the numbers, LG says that its OLED TVs offer up to 120Hz refresh rates, and a "barely perceptible" input lag of 6ms for 1440p content at 120Hz, and approx 13ms for 4K content at 60Hz. For comparison, some gaming monitors go all the way up to 240Hz, though taking full advantage of ultra-high refresh rates necessitates a top-end GPU that can keep up.

Note that LG said the TVs are G-Sync Compatible; they don't natively support G-Sync but have been tested and approved to properly run G-Sync.

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