Corbyn Gears Up for Election With Pledge to Help British Workers

Elias Hubbard
September 11, 2019

"A very good meeting, a very good meeting", he said.

At the TUC conference in Brighton he promised to "put power in the hands of workers", in an echo of the rhetoric we once heard from the likes of Arthur Scargill.

In his first public speech after the suspension of Parliament decreed by Johnson, Corbyn lashed out at the United Kingdom prime minister, who is seeking to leave the European Union (EU) without a deal.

The party's deputy chief will say an election on the one challenge of the European Union might not split the deadlock in Parliament.

"I think Tom Watson's intervention is irresponsible and not what Labour communities need", he told BBC's Newsnight.

In what looks like a co-ordinated move with Mr Watson, he will say: "We will have to break the deadlock".

"And in that election we will commit to a public vote with a credible option to leave (the EU) and the option to remain".

But Labour is expected to back one after MPs return to parliament following its suspension - either as soon as Boris Johnson complies with the law and requests another Article 50 extension, or if he refuses to do so, at which point Corbyn would likely push for a vote of no confidence in the government.

"If you are a worker with a boss who makes you work extra hours with no pay, or forces you into a risky situation, you deserve a government that fights for you", Corbyn said.

In a speech in London, Mr Watson will say that while an autumn general election seems inevitable given Boris Johnson's loss of control in Parliament "that does not make it desirable".

In two Commons votes over the past week, Jeremy Corbyn has agreed with other opposition party leaders in Westminster to block the Prime Minister from holding a snap election.

"The only way to break the Brexit deadlock once and for all is a public vote in a referendum", he will say. "And they are increasingly despairing seeing what's going on in Parliament and the role that the Labour Party is playing, and the fact the Labour Party won't even have an election, frankly they're scratching their heads and wondering what is going on and what is the Labour Party for?"

Labour's priority, Corbyn said, is to stop a no-deal Brexit, and only then will the party pursue a general election.

Independent MPs Ivan Lewis and Ian Austin who both resigned from Labour citing antisemitism claims tore into Jeremy Corbyn on Monday over racism.

"Brexit will of course be a crucial issue at this election".

But, while Labour-affiliated unions would rather stay in the EU than have no deal, they believe a Labour government should offer voters a choice in a referendum between a negotiated deal and Remain.

"My experience on the doorstep tells me most of those who've deserted us over our Brexit policy did so with deep regret and would greatly prefer to come back", he will add. They demonstrate that it is the only party with a vision radical enough to tackle the deep-rooted systemic problems we face.

"And clean up the mess left by the Tories".

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