Cashier allegedly used photographic memory to steal credit card info

Elias Hubbard
September 11, 2019

A Tokyo cashier with a photographic memory was busted when he used his natural ability to rip off credit card information from more than 1,000 customers - and go on a shopping spree, according to a report.

Yusuki Taniguchi would store these details in a notebook to make purchases online.

After arresting Taniguchi, the police found the notebook that contained the credit card details of hundreds of customers and are now linking this information with past incidents to investigate and determine the extent of Taniguchi's crimes. He used someone's credit card details to buy 2 shoulder bags worth about 270,000 yen (RM10,500.oo) and he put his home address as the delivery address.

The bags were delivered to Taniguchi's apartment, prompting police to raid it.

Not everyone chooses to use their superpowers for good; case in point, this Japanese store clerk who used his unbelievable photographic memory to memorise the credit card info of over a thousand clients in mere seconds of interacting with them. Instead, he likely has eidetic memory, which allows the person to hold onto information with impressive accuracy and detail for just a short period-usually a few minutes tops.

Historical figures such as Nikola Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci have been supposed to possess photographic memories.

However, scientists have never been able to fully verify that the phenomenon exists.

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