Teen Boy Developed Blindness from Junk Food Diet, Study Says

Henrietta Strickland
September 5, 2019

The condition is usually associated with a folic acid and vitamin B complex deficiency, according to the National Institutes of Health.

It's surprising that his nerve damage was not reversible, even after he was treated with vitamin B12, according to Elizabeth Bradley, MD, the medical director of the Cleveland Clinic's center for functional medicine in OH, who was not an author of the paper. "It's usually seen in alcoholics, who are malnourished".

Dr Denize Atan, the research study's lead author and Expert Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology at Bristol Medical School and Medical Lead for Neuro-ophthalmology at Bristol Eye Healthcare facility, stated: "Our vision has such an influence on lifestyle, education, employment, social interactions, and mental health". At the age of 14, he first visited a doctor, complaining of fatigue according to a case report released on Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Doctors discovered that he had low levels of vitamin B12 and anemia, and he was treated with vitamin B12 injections and offered dietary advice.

A year later, the teen returned to the doctor's office with hearing loss and vision problems, but doctors couldn't pinpoint the exact cause. By age 17, the patient's vision had progressively worsened, to the point of blindness. He also had developed a reduced bone mineral density level and had high levels of zinc and low levels of copper, selenium and vitamin D.

Nutritional optic neuropathy is a dysfunction of the optic nerve which is essential for vision.

The researchers argue that poor dietetic consumption and the decrease in mineral intakes in this scenario led to vision loss and to warn against the use of junk foods to make nutritional optical neuropathy more common. There are people who have a genetic defect that can cause them to have increased demands for vitamins B12, folate or B6, she says.

The teen was given nutritional supplements to prevent his vision from getting any worse.

The doctor explained that if nutritional optic neuropathy is caught early, then it can be treated. It's caused by malabsorption of nutrients, certain drugs, or poor diet combined with alcohol abuse or smoking.

The link between nutrition and eye health has been established in existing literature. This is what happened to a teenager who ate nothing but french fries, chips and other fast food for several years.

"It is important to eat a varied diet!"

According to the announcement, malnutrition brought on by poverty, drought, and war is linked to high rates of nutrient optic neuropathy in certain areas.

The sick boy admitted that since starting secondary school, he had consumed a limited diet of chips, white bread, and some processed pork, and avoided fruits and vegetables. She also left her job In order to care for him.

Apparently, he was so fussy he avoided fruits, vegetables and other foods which had particular textures. The eating disorder can lead to serious medical consequences, including death by cardiac arrest.

Vitamin B12 is found in fish, beef, eggs and low fat milk.

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