MPs reject holding a General Election - how Peterborough’s MPs voted

Marco Green
September 5, 2019

The vote would come after Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns from the European Council with or without a deal sparking a vote on whether the House of Commons will let the United Kingdom leave the EU with a deal on October 31.

BORIS JOHNSON'S first - and, potentially, last appearance at Prime Minister's Questions - was made even more remarkable by the general election "phoney war".

Mr Curtice added: "There is one other issue because the House of Commons dealt with this issue yesterday there is a question mark as to whether or not the government will be allowed to bring the same motion back again on Monday or Tuesday because the convention states you can not deal with the same issue in the same session".

The i also says the PM is "cornered" but includes the claim from Mr Johnson that his Labour counterpart is "chicken and frit" of an election.

It saw Mr Johnson, the Tory leader who did not want an early election, goading the Labour leader to support a snap pre-Brexit poll on October 14, and Mr Corbyn, who has been demanding just such a vote for two years, rebuffing the overture for strategic reasons.

It did not materialise - elections are rarely single-issue campaigns - and now Mr Johnson faces going to the country, after losing his Commons majority so soon after taking office, after the Conservatives adopted a hardline approach to Brexit.

Inside the papers, and Times columnist Jenni Russell says that Britain is being "played on a grand scale", writing that Mr Johnson meant to lose the vote - to usher in a showdown with Government. No one is quite sure what Labour wants to do about Brexit, but Jeremy Corbyn has said he is ready for a national contest numerous times.

Mr Johnson has ruled out asking for an extension to Article 50, prompting him to propose the motion.

Welcome especially to any members of the House of Lords who might happen to follow this live blog and who had a late night on Wednesday. As I have been throughout the week, I'll be kicking things off before handing over to my colleagues.

While the Brexit Party is slightly diminished at 12 percent.

Elsewhere, former Conservative leader Michael Howard wrote in the Daily Mail that Mr Johnson had "no choice" but to withdraw the whip.

From there, the bill can be voted on again by MPs on Monday and presented for royal assent.

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