Red Dead Online gets its Frontier Pursuits update next week

Joanna Estrada
September 4, 2019

In addition to the Frontier Pursuits, next week's update will include new Free Roam events for each of the new roles, as well as other welcome tweaks like additional Stable slots and the ability to reset your character's appearance without resetting your progress. Movement in the game will be quicker and more responsive across combat, running, and walking.

The Red Dead Online update releases for all existing owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Tuesday, September 10, and Rockstar has all the details - including the full list of skills available with each Role - available to read on its Newswire here. Think you might saddle up for this big update?

Essentially, roles will add, er, a role-playing aspect to the experience.

Rockstar has announced that "the next step in the continual evolution of Red Dead Online" is set to arrive next week, with the release of a huge Summer Update that will introduce three new Frontier Pursuits, and a wealth of other new content for the game's ever-growing multiplayer.

Your adopted Role will see you earning Role XP as you complete related Role activities, like Bounty Hunter XP for hunting bounties, Collector XP for finding collectibles, and so on. Role XP counts towards your progression through 20 Role Ranks. Each tier also has a kit of items that are unique to the Role and can be unlocked for purchase using Role Tokens. The Bounty Hunter focuses on tracking down criminals; the Trader lets you open up a shop and sell animal pelts and meat; and the Collector specializes in searching for valuable treasures.

"Players that progress to Distinguished ranks will have earned a range of new skills that will be useful in all their pursuits across the frontier; advanced camp styles and comforts; and recognizable clothing items that will show off their accomplishments in each discipline".

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