You can now catch Jirachi in Pokemon Go

Joanna Estrada
August 25, 2019

Folks can also expect some other two-stage and three-stage evolution Pokemon when Niantic releases generation five Pokemon into the game. Pokemon Go September Community Day will begin on September 15, and the timings for the event are 11am to 2pm in your local time zone. Presumably these will be from the Johto region. Additionally, Unown U, L, T, R, and A might hatch from 10 km Pokemon eggs. Incubators will have double effectiveness, and shiny Sentret and Gligar will be available in the wild.

Raids will feature the three legendary dogs from Gen 2 - including their shiny forms - and "other Johto Pokemon" too.

From September 9 through September 16, regional Pokemon like Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime will hatch from certain eggs.

In view of the many future appointments that will keep us glued to our smartphone (but there are those who go so far as to use eight at the same time!), The Niantic team invites us to participate in the social contest with hashtag # NianticLive2020 to nominate our city (making sure to also include the Tourist Office) at the Pokemon GO live events scheduled for 2020. In addition, this particular part of the bonus will remain active until the end of week 3, September 23.

Until now, all the Deoxys forms have been exclusive to EX raids but week 2 will see them appear outside of these for the first time. Five-star Raid Battles will see Shiny Mewtwo and Mewtwo that know Pysstrike.

The list of release dates came about in the form of a blog post on Niantic's Pokemon GO website.

Deoxys will finally be available outside of EX raids. It means in December, players will get one extra day to catch the featured Pokemon.

Between September 16 and September 23Shiny Klik and Klink will surface in "Pokemon Go" Raid Battles. The most famous psychic-type will also know the special move Psystrike. Many Gen 5 pokemon have special conditions associated with their evolutions including high levels of friendship, specific Polemon trading, and a wide range of different evolution stones.

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