Sony PlayStation 5 Updates: Leaked 'PS5' Sketch Reveals Crazy V-Shaped Design

Joanna Estrada
August 25, 2019

Today we inform about an unknown electronic device from Sony received from the technical Director Sony Ushiro Ootori.

Gamescom 2019 brought about a slew of new upcoming video games for many fans to look forward to.

Sony Game Studios chairman Shawn Layden on the future of PlayStation games.

There's also PlayStation Now to consider.

If you closely look at the design of the pattern, it does look like a new generation gaming console. The console has V-shaped opening in the middle and has lines for the exhaust. The console features useful ports to connect different devices. The same console has an opening tray to hold the discs. Now we've got a potential update on the PlayStation 5 graphics, which could be absolutely mind-blowing.

However, these are a chance that patent is actually for a PS5 dev kit, as a senior artist at Codemasters, named Matthew Stott, has shared on Twitter that the British studio already has one of those at their offices and can confirm it's the tool to work on the next-gen platform. We have embedded the tweet here, take a look!

While we continue to wait patiently, here is a patent recently registered by Sony and appeared on the Let's Go Digital portal may have revealed the aspect of the PlayStation 5 devkit. But I think the Resistance series had some of the studio's very best combat concepts: the Mutator in Resistance 3, for example, could be used to turn foes against each other in a freaky biological twist. Given the svelte designs of past PlayStation consoles, it's very hard to believe this is the system Sony would sell to people, especially when you consider what Microsoft was able to pack into a smaller and more standard-looking box with the Xbox One X. And Sony just isn't a company known for loudly designed consumer products.

This approach to combat can be felt in the developer's most recent releases; Marvel's Spider-Man, for example, provides plenty of creativity once you unlock all of the superhero's gizmos.

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