Body Camera Footage In De'Von Bailey Shooting Released

Elias Hubbard
August 17, 2019

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers (R) urged calm and patience with the investigation. The officers immediately called for a medical kit and began tending to Bailey's wound.

One officer tells the men they are about to be searched for a gun when Bailey runs away. He said one of them had a gun and that they were on foot in the area. One of the officers uses a blade to cut Bailey's shorts before removing them.

Both men put their hands up when directed by police. "So don't reach for your waist, we're just going to check and make sure you don't have a weapon, alright?"

As the first officer approaches the two, Bailey is seen touching his pocket. A footchase ensues and from certain camera angles it appears that Bailey could be putting his hands near his waistband.

The officer can be heard yelling 'hands up!' three times before firing multiple times. Then, the officer explained that he was looking for an armed robbery suspect. It appears he was shot the back.

The sheriff's office said that it had finished its probe of the August 3 shooting and turned its findings over to the district attorney's office.

Land and Evenson did not respond Thursday to CNN requests for comment.

Van't Land has been employed by the Colorado Springs Police Department since 2008.

Darold Killmer, another family lawyer, said Thursday that he believes the officer used excessive force, and Bailey "was doing everything in his get away". The video does not show Bailey brandishing a weapon at officers, but a handgun was found in his trousers after the shooting.

An officer kneeling at Bailey's side tugs at what appears to be a gun between his legs as he bleeds in the street. Video showed police grabbing something from between Bailey's legs, but the footage does not clearly show what it was.

In a statement posted on Facebook on behalf of the Bailey family, Pastor Promise Lee says "the family is devastated at having seen this evidence of the wholly unjustified killing of their beloved family member".

Bailey's family planned a wake on Thursday and his funeral and burial services were set for Friday in Colorado Springs.

Earlier this week, Killmer and Newman called for an independent special prosecutor to investigate the teen's death.

Former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman, who is not involved in the case, said after viewing the footage that the officers' actions are "problematic" but there is conflicting case law regarding shooting at fleeing suspects.

The Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office said Thursday it had received the preliminary report from the sheriff's office. In an emailed statement, the agency says typically investigations into officer-involved shootings take up to 120 days, though it could take longer. "We know that there can be frustration with the time this takes, but we cannot compromise the investigation by failing to spend the appropriate time gathering the facts; that would serve no one".

In Colorado, district attorneys can decide to file charges, send a case to a grand jury or determine police were justified in a shooting.

Family attorney Mari Newman characterized Bailey's shooting as an "execution" based on the video and the reports of witnesses she did not name.

The autopsy determined that Bailey was shot four times - three times in the back and once in his right elbow.

You can find all the information provided by the police department on the city's website. Below is the video put together by the police department, which includes the body camera footage.

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