Borderlands 3 PC pre-loading not available via Epic Games Store

Joanna Estrada
August 14, 2019

Borderlands 3 releases on September 13th, 2019 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Pre-loading allows consumers to download the game in advance, activating it on the launch day, saving time and heartache. So, the natural question for players who have pre-ordered the game (or will in the coming weeks) is whether or not we will see Borderlands 3 pre-load capabilities on its exclusive Epic Games Store home.

According to Tim Sweeny, Epic Games' CEO, Borderlands 3 will not have support for pre-loading. Meaning that although you won't be able to pre-load Borderlands 3 prior to launch - downloading should still be relatively fast. "It's complicated", says Sweeney when asked about preloading. In his reply, Sweeney stated that the Epic Store wouldn't have the feature ready for Borderlands 3 in time for its release.

Before you moan - rightly or not - about the Epic Store's lack of features, the public-facing Trello board for the Epic Store confirms that pre-loading is available for third party games - and is a feature that was added in March and implemented back in May this year. "We've released support for file preloading which is sufficient for some games, but we aren't certain it's up to the demands of a blockbuster like Borderlands".

If you're hoping to play Borderlands 3 on PC at midnight when it releases, you might find that you'll have to wait longer depending on your download speeds.

It's common practice for digital storefronts like Steam to provide a "preload" period ahead of a game's release, so that the moment it goes live, hot-to-trot fans can dive face-first into it immediately rather than having to wait for it to download. Regardless, it will still prevent plenty of players, such as our buddy Joe here, from playing the game much, if at all, on launch night (sorry, Joe).

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