The 'salmon cannon' almost breaks the internet, but what is it?

James Marshall
August 13, 2019

The internet is losing its collective mind over a video of Whooshh Innovations' salmon cannon - yep, that's it's real name - built to zip fish over hydroelectric dams that block their migration paths.

Even though the innovation dates back to 2011 and this particular viral fish tube video is from 2014, the Internet couldn't stop marveling at it as it is wont to do when it comes to matters involving salmon shooting around.

There is a mysterious alchemy to the formation of a social media trend.

Let us watch the fish tube.

For anyone interested in the mechanics, the Fish Tube uses a series of small fans and a blower to push it along at about nine metres per second, with the ability to launch a fish up to 30 metres into the air. And John Oliver doesn't just talk about anything. I wanted to insert myself into the tube and be shot out into a lake. Long live the salmon cannon and the irrepressible weirdness of the internet.

Witness the Whoosh salmon cannon below.

In these violent and troubled times, there is something weirdly soothing about watching these fish zoom through a pressurized slide like some sort of Dr. Seuss/Monty Python fever dream. Once inside, the fish are misted with water to keep them breathing.

With regards to many claims of this system causing pain or distress to the fish Bryant responded by saying to CNN, "There's no stress for the fish".

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