Dan Explains: How close will nearby asteroid actually get to Earth?

James Marshall
August 10, 2019

According to NASA's JPL Centre for near-Earth object studies, there are now about 900 near-Earth objects measuring more than one kilometre, which is much larger than Asteroid 2006 QQ3.

However, putting the fear of several people that it might collide with Earth, Lindley Johnson and Kelly Fast of NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office told the CNN that there was nothing to fear since it was a moderate-sized asteroid almost five million miles away and it was "more or less benign".

Any cosmic projectile with a minimum approach distance of less than 0.05 astronomical units and measuring over 460 feet in diameter is considered by NASA to be "potentially hazardous." .

The vast majority of small space objects that enter our atmosphere measure less than 30 feet in diameter and burn up on entry, but 2006 QQ23 is far larger than that.

Are we about to send Bruce Willis to space to save earth from a huge asteroid?

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Scientists revealed that this week, an asteroid called as a "city killer" came closer to the Earth than the moon and they had no idea about the same.

There are virtually 20,000 asteroids close to the Earth, and so they sometimes make an look to the Earth.

Within the convention held in April, a query was requested from all of the Scientists from everywhere in the world that how to answer make perception scenario that an asteroid inflicting hazard or menace to destroy a significant metropolis is perhaps on observe to strike the Earth in eight years.

Then one of the scientists responded that we might use space ships to give a nudge to the asteroid.

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