President Trump visiting sites of weekend mass shootings

Elias Hubbard
August 8, 2019

Chicago - Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired back Tuesday after Ivanka Trump issued a factually incorrect tweet about gun violence this weekend in Chicago.

- Ivanka Trump is weighing in on last weekend's violence in Chicago with two tweets that include some factual mistakes.

Chicago experienced a spate of deadly shootings over the weekend, which left seven people dead and 52 wounded.

"Ivanka got her facts wrong, and it did have the air of distracting from the other shootings, but the fact remains - her central point that Chicago had a awful weekend and has many bad weekends and there's a major problem in the city of Chicago that persists and so perhaps a more productive, as the mayor said, approach, would be helpful there because Ivanka is right".

The city has reached out to Ivanka Trump, Lightfoot said.

The mayor noted that the shooting in question wasn't in a playground, but in a park. That shooting lead to multiple injuries but not to the seven dead that Ivanka cited, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. "With 7 lifeless and 52 wounded close to a playground within the Windy Metropolis- and little nationwide outrage or media coverage- we mustn't turn out to be numb to the violence confronted by interior metropolis communities every single day".

As of Tuesday afternoon, Ivanka Trump's tweet had acquired about 11,500 likes and a pair of, 800 retweets - a indisputable fact that Lightfoot known as "the hazard of anyone with a platform and viewers that point that doesn't know what they're speaking about - and getting the basic details unsuitable that they may simply work out, if that they had the decency to truly attain out to us in the event that they wished to be a constructive and engaged companion". "It had nothing to do with President Trump", he said - steering clear of the El Paso shooting and the suspected gunman who reportedly posted a manifesto about the "invasion" of Hispanics coming across the southern border before the shooting.

The tweets weren't the only thing frustrating the mayor and police superintendent who continued to ask why bonds were being set so low for people they believe are violent criminals.

Trump should use "his weight in Congress to move forward on common-sense gun reform", Lightfoot said Monday.

"What he's been doing is blowing every racist, xenophobic dog whistle, and when you do that, when you blow that kind of dog whistle, animals come out", Lightfoot said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. If they want to help, they should actually call us. and we would offer them specific ways in which the federal government could actually partner with us to help address the issues on the ground'. The host then suggested she visit Chicago to speak with Lightfoot and "walk the streets and learn something". She got the location wrong.

"We mustn't become numb to the violence faced by inner-city communities every day". Almost all of the gun violence occurred on the West and South sides. Both numbers are below a year ago.

"Sure, we reached out as soon as we knew and noticed that tweet to say, 'What are you doing?"

"If the president weighs in, if he shows these Republicans that they can actually have courage, we can get this done", Lightfoot added.

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