New Trailer 'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Reveals Team Yell Punks

Joanna Estrada
August 7, 2019

Fresh information about Pokémon Sword and Shield, shown this morning on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, tells more about the game's cast. That just so happens to be today, and sure enough, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have launched a new trailer for the games.

A new Team and New rivals are coming into Pokemon Sword and Shield! In Pokemon Sun and Moon, some existing Pokemon were given an aesthetic makeover, along with receiving new movesets and typing.

And a brand addition Form-changing Pokemon!

Then there's the new "Poke Job" mechanic: "Trainers can check for available Poke Jobs at the Rotomi in Pokemon Centers and will be able send Pokemon directly from their Boxes to any job they accept. Trainers will find that certain Pokemon types are suited for specific jobs". Linoone can now evolve into Obstagoon while Weezing gets a deliciously fancy steampunk stovepipe top hat and smog beard. This trailer revealed Morpeko, a little hamster looking boy who can shift between two different modes if it's "hangry" or has a "full belly".

This trailer also introduces us to the rivals that players will frequently face off against during playthroughs of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Her aim is just the same as yourself, and she's got tonne of fans - including Team Yell - who follow her because of her calm, calculated battle strategies and the fact she's pretty darn cool. This rival is called Marnie, and the other is called Bede. "The experience gained while on the job will help Pokemon grow, and Trainers may even receive rare items as rewards".

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