Tesla's new Vegas V3 Supercharger station uses solar and battery power

Marco Green
July 22, 2019

This new Supercharger station also gives us a glimpse into what future electric auto charging stations should/will look like. Electric vehicle owners in Europe often try to rely on Tesla's Supercharger public chargers even if their auto belongs to a different company as seen in some pictures from Tesla owners in the region.

The supercharging station is located next to the LINQ's High Roller Ferris wheel and will server many of Caesars Palace. The result is a complete system that generates its own energy and passes it along to thousands of Tesla vehicles.

The key to this new charging station is the use of V3 Superchargers, which were first announced back in March.

Since the announcement four months ago, Tesla has not opened a full-fledged Supercharger V3 station.

The new charging model complements the sale of those Model 3 vehicles, which Tesla names as its best-selling vehicle to date. The 29 new charging points will be made up of 24 supercharger stalls of the latest generation (V3), whereby each have up to 250 kW charging power, as well as 15 wallboxes (Tesla Destination Charger) for those parking for longer.

As for what it's capable of doing, Tesla explains that it can support a peak rate of up to 250kW, and is specifically created to significantly reduce charging time for drivers. Once that demand is lowered, the cost of charging will also drop, which will make a lot of Tesla owners quite happy. They require a new 1MW power cabinet, but in return offer a peak rate of 250kW, translating to 1,000 miles per hour or 75 miles of charge in five minutes. The first is price, and the second is infrastructure.

Tesla Powerpack batteries used in the V3 Supercharger are a true and tested product with a number of features. The price of electric vehicles is falling, and as this new charging station demonstrates, recharging is getting easier and faster.

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