Dwight Howard opens up about rumors that he is gay

Ruben Hill
July 18, 2019

They have to put on their mask every day.

Dwight Howard says he was "hurt" by rumors that he is gay, but dealing with the fallout has "liberated" him. "I saw all the hate, the pure hate, from people that I've never met before, just pile up everywhere I went", he explained.

Elije filed a lawsuit against Howard in March. A man named Masin Elije, now the author of a book entitled "Industry Hoe", accused Howard of cheating on him with a transgender man. Elije provided screenshots of direct messages he claimed he exchanged with Howard, and he later said he was physically threatened by Howard's pastor and some other people close to the eight-time NBA All-Star.

Howard contends he's never met Elije. Elije claimed that the relationship ended once he found out that Howard engaged in sex parties with trans women. Howard has since maintained that he never knew Elije nor engaged in any type of relationship.

The full interview is scheduled to air as a two-part episode on July 17 and 18.

Now with the Grizzlies, Howard is on his fourth National Basketball Association team since 2017. While he played in only nine games last season due to injuries, he had to deal with reports, first brought to light past year, that he is gay. "They're afraid to step out and be, like you [host Kristine Leahy] said, because they are afraid of what other people might say or think about them", he added.

"I went through a situation previous year that kind of, um, just, it really just set me free", he told Leahy.

On Tuesday, Elije responded to the interview on Twitter. "Any allegation said about me is false". There's people who have different problems in life and they have to hide.

Dwight Howard spent one season with the Los Angeles Lakers resulting in a 45-37 record and a first-round loss in the playoffs. Kobe was willing to pass the keys of the Purple and Gold to Dwight, but he wanted him to be more serious.

Since then, the former top-overall pick has played for the Houston Rockets, his hometown Atlanta Hawks, the Wizards, and has now moved on to the Memphis Grizzlies, although he is expected to be waived.

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