How to Properly Prepare Yourself for Laser Hair Removal

Henrietta Strickland
Июля 16, 2019


Laser hair removal is a big deal. It’s something that many people decide to have done (or do themselves at home) and its popularity is definitely on the rise in the last few years. While it’s usually effective, it is quite an expensive procedure, and it’s also something that will significantly alter your skin.


So if you are going to get a laser hair removal treatment yourself, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth, but also that you are comfortable with what’s going to happen to your body. When it comes to a procedure like this, your health should always be a major consideration.


How it works is impressive from a technological perspective but it’s also relatively simple. The laser is basically a focused beam of light which is absorbed by the melanin in your hair and it destroys the follicles, preventing the hair from growing.


Although this sounds like an irreversible process, it’s not actually permanent and you will need to get repeat sessions to ensure that the hair stays away. Still though, it’s probably the best way to ensure your hair growth slows down as much as possible.


So if you think it’s the right treatment for you then that’s great, but like any body treatment, there are certain ways in which you should prepare before you get it done. Here are some things you should think about when getting yourself ready:


Find a Reputable Clinic


Because of how popular it has become in the last couple of years, there is a lot of laser hair removal clinics out there right now. There’s probably several for you to choose from in your area.


Not all of them are going to give you a great service though. Some places will have old, run down tools or therapists who aren’t really qualified for the position and don’t really know what they’re doing or there could just be unfriendly staff.


These are just a few of the potential problems that you could face and you want to avoid things like this as best as you can. Luckily we can use the internet to our advantage these days and do a ton of research beforehand. 


Find out what clinics are near you and make a list of them. Then try and find out which ones have an online presence. A website or some social media accounts. If there’s nothing from them online that’s kind of a bad sign. It might be because they have something to hide.


Find out about the services they provide and then see if you can find reviews. Yelp and Google Reviews are good for this. See what people are saying about and find the most highly regarded spots. You should be able to find a good clinic nearby.


And if you don’t see anywhere that impresses you then that’s fine too. Ideally you’d get it done in an actual clinic but you could always just do it yourself if you think that suits you better. Make sure you do as much research on a home device as you would on a clinic though.


Scale Back on Skincare Products


There are some potential risks to getting laser hair removal. Nothing terribly serious but things like mild infections, skin redness and irritation and maybe some burns if you are very unlucky. For the most part, these are uncommon.


However the possibility of them is heightened if you’ve got a bunch of different chemicals on your skin. So for a couple of days before you get your treatment, you should avoid using so many skincare products.


Of course, things like shower gel and deodorant are absolutely fine, but there are some potentially problematic cosmetic products, which can get in the way of the treatment working as well as bringing on the side effects.


Most body scrubs should be avoided, as well as anything that has glycolic acid in it and retinol creams are also a risk. The most important thing to avoid is tanning. And this goes for both a fake tan and a natural tan.


Your skin needs to be as close to its natural colour as possible because otherwise, the laser could cause hyperpigmentation, which can lead to burns. Give yourself two days without these products before the treatment and two days afterwards.


In the case of the tan, maybe give yourself up to a week either side.




This one kind of goes without saying because there’s no point in trying to break down the follicles if there is already a hair growing there. You need to be clean-shaven in all of the areas you’ll be getting the treatment on.


It has to be a shave by the way. You can’t do any plucking or any waxing before a laser hair removal treatment. These are treatments which eliminate the follicles themselves and you need follicles there for a laser treatment to work.


I wouldn’t do this on the day you’re getting the treatment by the way, that’s just going to make your skin really sensitive. Try and do it one to two days beforehand. Just as long as there isn’t any hair growing where you’re getting your treatment.

Other than this stuff, there isn’t a whole lot to think about. Don’t worry too much about the process itself because it’s not painful, especially not if you prepare ahead in the right way. All you should feel is a bit of heat from the machine.


So just relax. You’re days of painful waxing and plucking treatments are about to a thing of the past. 


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