Assassin's Creed Odyssey To Ban XP Farming In Creator Mode Missions

Joanna Estrada
July 13, 2019

The mode allows creators to make and share their own stories. Some people have cited this as the only reason Ubisoft cares about this exploit. It involves finding a particular player-created quest that instantly kills a bunch of off-screen enemies when you start it. In a forum post, Ubisoft explains "Story Creator Mode was created to be a tool for players to let their creativity and imagination run free as they build their very own stories to share with others".

In an announcement earlier this week, Ubisoft explained its stance on the situation: "Story Creator Mode was created to be a tool for players to let their creativity and imagination run free as they build their very own Stories to share with others, using a modified version of the tools our own designers used to develop the quests in the game". It's not, of course, because Ubisoft also sells XP boosts and the like.

"However, since the launch of the beta we have noticed an increasing flow of farming quests, that exploit the tool to get large amounts of XP".

Ubisoft says it wants to "focus on rewarding creativity by highlighting quality quests" and in order to do that, the Story Creator terms & conditions will be changed to ban quests designed for quick XP farming. The studio said in an update that it is doing this to maintain the integrity of the creative mode, as well as to keep the XP farming missions from crowding out other community stories that are using the mode as intended. While it is not technically considered cheating (it will be going forward) since players are simply using tools given to them by Ubisoft, the publisher certainly frowns on it because it renders its $10 lifetime XP boosters worthless.

Ubisoft mentioned that the exploits "risk jeopardizing the overall quality, integrity, and objective of Story Creator Mode", and make creative levels less visible to the community. An adjustment has been made to the Story Creator's terms of use, closing any loopholes on the XP and levelling exploit. As well as the ToS changes and possible bans, these actions include removing farming quests from the recommendation system, so they can't enter the Hall of Game or tending section; hiding all stories reported for exploitation; and further solutions with future updates, to be announced nearer the time. It will begin sanctioning players who continue to make such cheats as well.

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