North Korea calls South Korea's F-35 jet purchases 'extremely dangerous action'

Elias Hubbard
July 12, 2019

Kim Jong Un has already wielded absolute authority in his country since succeeding his late father as supreme leader at the end of 2011, but the latest move essentially formalizes his leading role in diplomatic affairs following more than a year of historic top-level meetings with the leaders of China, South Korea, the United States and Russian Federation.

North Korea's approach has been to embrace technology while making sure that it serves its goal - to portray the state-sanctioned version of reality to the people. In addition to being supreme leader, the title also carried the duties of representing the country overseas.

The previous constitution only stated that the chairman of the SAC served as supreme leader. Under the previous version, it was the president of the Presidium of the SPA who represents the country as nominal head of state.

The digitisation has seen a steady trickle of foreign news and entertainment entering North Korea on portable devices like USB memory sticks - something that presents a challenge for the authorities.

Called Chongseo 1.0, it contains writings by the country's founder Kim Il-sung and his son - former leader Kim Jong-il.

The latest statement didn't criticize the US directly. It was seen as more of a continuation of North Korea's sensitivity to the introduction of sophisticated USA weapons on the Korean Peninsula, and dissatisfaction with Seoul since the Vietnam summit's breakdown. It recently urged Seoul to stop mediating between North Korea and the United States, though Kim joined a brief three-way encounter with Moon and Trump before he and the USA president went into a bilateral meeting at Panmunjom. The first-ever gathering of the three leaders at once was aimed toward revitalizing denuclearization-for-peace talks between the US and North Korea.

It was the first time that a North Korean leader's name did not appear on the ballot in the elections. Joined by Moon, Trump and Kim Jong Un vowed to continue striving for peace.

North Korea is bringing its political indoctrination tactics to the digital age.

Though it lacked substance, the impromptu meeting was the first between Trump and Kim since their second summit in Vietnam in February collapsed without any agreement due to squabbling over USA -led sanctions on the North, and the two leaders agreed to resume working-level nuclear talks.

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