Harris Blisters Biden's Civil Rights Record in Democratic Debate

Elias Hubbard
June 29, 2019

He first tried to defend himself, saying Harris had mischaracterized his record.

And he said the inevitability of Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders winning the nomination is no longer a certainty.

On the heels of a contentious exchange with Sen.

As the most egregious example, he pointed to California Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen.

But the rough treatment, which also included Sanders recalling that Biden had voted for going to war in Iraq, could instead harden the former VP ahead of what will be a brutal battle with Trump.

"This isn't about a hoodie", he tweeted Friday.

The level of diversity on display on the debate stage was unprecedented for a major political party in the United States. Meanwhile, the president's former campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson tried to discredit Harris another way, indicating she is not African enough to run as a minority presidential candidate. "Whether this sharpens Biden for the campaign against Trump (should he win the nomination) or deconstructs Biden on his way to losing the Democratic nod, we can not guess".

Biden was the most sane of the candidates. She denounces and rejects Trump's immigration policy.

"Because I couldn't get it done", said Buttigieg. Sanders, along with Biden, was repeatedly asked to "pass the torch" to the next generation by California Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Other Democrats argue the country and the party has changed dramatically, even in the two-and-a-half years since Obama and Biden left the White House. He raised his hand to indicate he would give up his private insurance coverage in favor of a government-financed plan. She made a strong case that she is the one to "prosecute the case", as she puts it. In an interview early this year, Harris said: "This is the same thing they did to Barack, this is not new to us". He said an investigation was underway, and acknowledged the underlying racial tensions in his city and others.

Racism in whatever form it assumes is not the responsibility of black people, if it is to be honestly dealt with in white America.

Booker took issue with Biden's characterization and swiftly jumped in.

TAMARA KEITH, BYLINE: Presidential debates are often all about moments that speak to something larger. Appearances such as the one with Jackson - his onetime rival in the 1988 Democratic presidential primary - will signal whether Harris' attack will chip into his support among African Americans.

Being no dummy, young Joe recognized how his statements could be fodder for political enemies, so he clarified: "The unsavory part about this is when I come out against busing, as I have all along, I don't want to be mixed up with a George Wallace".

Patricia Ousley, 69, a black retired state employee from the Chicago suburb of South Holland, cheered loudly when Biden told the crowd Obama doesn't get the credit he deserves. Michael Bennet of Colorado, New York businessman Andrew Yang and author and social activist Marianne Williamson. John Kerry, who would lose the general election.

Biden sought to sidestep the intraparty divisions altogether, training his venom on Trump.

"Who can I see in my mind's eye standing next to Donald Trump and fighting Donald Trump?" "Ordinary, middle-class Americans built America".

Biden downplayed his establishment leanings at times.

"What's most important is getting Trump out of office, so to be just nitpicking between so many candidates is just counterproductive at this point", another woman said. I'm going to break each debate down individually, then think of them together in the context of their importance, both generally and for students.

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