You can test Mozilla’s new fast and secure Android browser now

Joanna Estrada
June 28, 2019

Faster than ever: Firefox Preview is up to 2 time faster than previous versions of Firefox for Android.

Remember the Firefox Preview "Fenix browser" which we tested almost 2 months ago? This adds to the list of all the different browsers Mozilla has made for Android including Firefox Focus, and Firefox Lite.

But is that all Firefox PreView browser offers?

Let us look at it in a little more detail. With it will come a fully-fledged browser but with more security and privacy features "than any existing app". Don't fright despite the undeniable reality that, chances are high you'll well presumably perchance presumably also aloof support using our privacy browser, Focal point, as successfully as our most up-to-date Firefox for Android.

Cease organized: Catch sense of the web with Collections, a novel characteristic that helps you establish, put collectively, and part collections of web sites. It also sports a bottom URL along with it.

What sets it apart from Chrome is its browser engine.

The new Android browser runs on Firefox's own browser engine GeckoView, instead of Blink - the Chromium browser engine that is used in Google Chrome and other browsers.

Despite Mozilla being around for as long as it has and its significance in the Browser market, it never could assert itself too much in the mobile devices. It has Firefox's tracking protection, which remains on by default. However, after the recent slip-up from Google, Mozilla doesn't want to waste the opportunity.

Mozilla has launched a pilot test for its new Android browser 'Firefox Preview.' The new app is a redesigned version of Firefox for Android and seems to work 2x faster. For those who are wondering, Firefox Focus is a stripped down browser which offers privacy benefits and performance gains. This day we're very jubilant to philosophize a pilot of our novel browser for Android devices that is available to early adopters for making an are attempting out as of now. The GeckoView engine, which is optimized for mobile, is said to allow for speedy feature updates from Mozilla, and it nabs some of the same privacy-centric features from the desktop Firefox browser to keep all of your data safe.

Why don't they seem anxious about Apple devices? The answer is simple, really.

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