This South African Choir's "America's Got Talent" Performance is so Emotional

Lawrence Kim
June 26, 2019

First up was opera singer Nick and violinist Lindsay Williams. Halfway through, though, Lindsay begins tossing sharp objects at a wooden board behind her husband while he continues his song. However, Landers went over the judge's head, asking the audience what they thought, to a smattering of applause and boos.

Up next, are best friend dancers Izzy, 11, and Easton, 14. Their performance and inspiring stories leave the judges with huge smiles on their faces, and it's no surprise that they unanimously get voted through. He sang "Let's Stay Together", but was stopped by Simon immediately.

"You showcased the beauty that you represent and you are giving so much hope, I can't thank you enough".

The stand-off between the two got slightly heated when Cowell told Landers, "Your problem is, you don't take risks", and asked him to come back later with another song to perform. This time around, he managed to turn the table as it was such an epic performance.

He eventually returned, and the judges - including Cowell - assured the singer that they were rooting for him, despite the rocky start. There's no doubt this South African choir is going places.

"They did so well that I have to do this", he added, walking over to the judges' panel and up to the Golden Buzzer.

Up next are Italian psychologists, who came up with a virtual reality software that aids mental health and helps people face their fears. After completing the task, Howie overcame his fears. The next performance is from Lucas and his childhood dog, Falco, who do some "K-9 freestyle".

Next up is Verba Shadow, a 3D theatre group from Ukraine. The judges gave them a standing ovation and voted them through. He hit the stage to dance with so much energy albeit weird. What viewers couldn't have seen coming was that Trigger would hit the golden buzzer himself.

They received four yeses from the judges and have now moved onto the next stage of the competition.

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