GM to bring back the Hummer as an electric vehicle?

Marco Green
June 20, 2019

As it happens, there are a few Hummer H3 PHEVs on North American roads, as versions specially modified by the Raser company. It was a large vehicle very almost as wide as a typical lane on a highway, and that drank fuel like few other vehicles ever made. "We're looking at everything", said Reuss.

COULD GM revive the Hummer brand and apply it to its future flock of electric SUVs and trucks? With petrol prices high and environmental concerns pressing, GM was unable to find a suitable buyer for the brand. GM had tried to start a joint venture with Rivian but was beat by Ford. GM President Mark Reuss also seemed somewhat dismissive of the idea as he told the publication, "I love Hummer" but "I'm not sure".

The supposed return of Hummer, if it comes to pass, is likely several years off. GM is now working on a new electric platform that will underpin future vehicles such as a Cadillac crossover launching in 2022.

GM CEO Mary Barra made comments in May at the company's earnings call that the carmaker would definitely include electric pickups (or rather, utes). For future larger models, such as the already confirmed electric full-size pickups and other electric vans, a very different platform will be used, which have not been revealed yet. The brand was marketed based on the military vehicle par excellence of the armed forces of the United States, and thanks to celebrities who continually use the Hummer truck in films, it grew in sales and popularity.

Hummer came to exemplify gas guzzlers in the early 2000's and that's part of the reason the brand was dropped during GM's restructuring and bankruptcy. Ford is trying to get in on that segment with a return of its Bronco.

For years, Hummer was a favourite target of environmental groups.

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