Cersei Lannister’s Miscarriage Scene Got Cut From ‘Game of Thrones’

Lawrence Kim
June 19, 2019

But during a recent comic book convention appearance in Germany, the actress, 47, revealed that Cersei's last episode, where her demise alongside her twin-brother-slash-estranged-lover, Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), as the Red Keep crumbled around them, nearly featured her having a miscarriage.

But there was one spoiler that didn't come to pass: according to this leak, Cersei Lannister was going to wake up in her bed in the season 7 finale to discover that she had miscarried. She revealed they shot a miscarriage scene for the penultimate episode that got left on the cutting-room floor.

The evil Queen's pregnancy was a hotly debated topic for the final season, since she was supposedly pregnant with her twin brother Jaime's baby, but then told Euron Greyjoy it was his.

The answer to those questions carried a few implications, including Cersei using such a pregnancy as a means to manipulate other characters and save her own life.

The scene if it was retained would have given fans a clue to many of Cersei's decisions she made in the final season. Lena stated that the scene from season seven, had Cersei "lose the baby" and she further called it a disturbing yet a magnificent moment for Cersei.

Headey also recently opened up to The Guardian about her character's underwhelming fate, which saw her and lover/twin Jaime die under a pile of rubble as the Red Keep crumbled to the ground courtesy of Mad Queen Dany.

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Headey revealed that her initial reaction to the character's final scene was "mixed". A formidable villain such as herself deserved to go out in a spectacular way, and Lena Headey has confirmed that she wished for a better death for her character as well. "Obviously you dream of your death. So I was kind of gutted". But, the makers were not really looking to please anyone and did what they thought was best for the show. "Of course, we're not exactly sure what made the show's creators scrap the scene, but we can't say it isn't interesting to at least think about how that moment may have changed things".

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