Snake found in Walmart shopping cart in North Texas

Marco Green
May 28, 2019

- A cart attendant got quite the shock Saturday evening after finding a large snake in a shopping cart.

The police department posted several images of the discovery on Facebook, which showed the large rat snake nestled between shopping carts waiting to be returned. The officer responded and quickly found the cause of the scream. The snake handler was bitten once while in the process of retrieving them from the cart. That's about 45 miles north of Dallas. He was only bit once while moving the snake.

He wrote that he was at Walmart picking up snacks for an upcoming road trip.

While in the parking lot, though, he saw the officer and a few Walmart workers looking at the carts, he said. So be on the lookout for snakes, they could be anywhere. The man said in a Facebook post that he was bitten once while untangling the creature.

I would have crapped my trousers right then if I wasn't paying attention and touched that thing. "I am in no way a snake specialists or a snake charmer I was just simply offering to help".

The scream was so shocking, the Northeast Police Department was called to investigate.

Police say recent heavy rains in the area have forced many snakes from their natural habitats.

Rat snakes are nonvenomous, according to herpetologists at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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