Indiana University officials to provide update on mumps outbreak

Henrietta Strickland
April 24, 2019

Health officials say the number of confirmed cases of mumps at Indiana University in Bloomington has reached 20 since February 12. Rupp spoke about how preventive action should be taken if a student experiences any symptoms that pertain to mumps. "We are waiting for confirmation from the state lab", said Dr. Beth Rupp, medical director at the IU Health Center.

In 2016, 74 cases of mumps were reported at IU, in 2017, 17and none in 2018.

It is important for students to report if they think they have the mumps so people they came in contact with can be notified and the patient can be monitored, Rupp said. Students are being advised not to share things like cups and eating utensils and to keep counters and food surfaces clean. "Not always the best hygiene practices". That includes students on the same dorm floors and classmates.

"If you're a close contact with anybody with mumps, you've been notified of that", Rupp said.

"I would love to know which fraternity it is", said senior Jack Penniall. The university also said some cases may be related to at least one fraternity house on campus.

According to IU officials, the first two students diagnosed with mumps are roommates living in off-campus housing. Students who haven't been to the fraternity shouldn't assume they're safe only because they've avoid the area already.

"We also met with the executive board of the fraternity and encouraged them to cancel any social activities this semester".

Pam Pontones, Indiana State Department of Health deputy health commissioner and state epidemiologist, said students aren't recommended to get a booster shot unless extenuating circumstances occur.

Symptoms of mumps may include: Swelling and tenderness in front of and below one or both ears and along the jaw, pain along the jaw and in front of and below one or both ears, fever, tiredness, muscle aches and loss of appetite.

Most people recover completely in a few weeks.

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