Fortnite: dial Durr Burger number, Fatal Fields telephone location guide

Joanna Estrada
April 19, 2019

Unfortunately, there's really no quick way to complete this challenge, as you'll need to dial the Durrr Burger number on the rotary phone to complete this challenge.

A recent Fortnite patch added two big phones on the map, specifically for this challenge.

In order to interact with the phones, players must either hit the number with their pickaxe or shoot it with a gun.

Below, we'll tell you the Durrr Burger big telephone location and the Pizza Pit big telephone location.

And in case you're wondering here is the full list of the leaked Fortnite week 8 challenges, which are subject to change, below...

This is the location of the Big Telephone east of the Block. Simply land at the Durrr Burger location in the map above. This means you don't need to actually find the number or lookup the number before you head to the phone.

The Durrr Burger telephone is circled in red and is atop a frozen hill to the west of Fatal Fields. No, it's not like the modern touch screen catastrophes we struggle to fit into one hand today: this is a proper telephone where you have to dial the desired number in properly, thank you very much.

How do you dial the numbers?

You'll know you've pulled off the correct number when the phone begins to ring.

Once players enter both numbers correctly on the right telephone, the challenge will be marked as complete and players will earn their in-game experience. Then, when it comes to the second, and last, part, find out how to input the Fortnite pizza pit number on the phone near The Block for the maximum rewards. This phone will also have its number on the centre of its rotary (which is 555 0198), but is a little more hard to see thanks to its colour scheme. You can find the phone at E2 on the main map's grid.

After you accomplish this task, it's on the next stage: the Pizza Pit. When you reach it, make sure to only hit the numbers in the phone number. You can see the telephone below.

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