Funky Kia HabaNiro concept previews 2021 Niro

Marco Green
April 18, 2019

Instead, the Kia concept features an advanced heads-up display that takes up the entire windshield (this auto can fully drive itself, remember) and sounds like something lifted straight out of Minority Report. And spicy. The HabaNiro concept is a fully-electric, all-wheel drive, four-seat wonder vehicle with an All Electric Range (AER) of more than 300 miles, level-five autonomous mode, butterfly wing doors and more advanced tech than what helped land men on the moon. Kia has certainly noticed this trend as they have introduced the HabaNiro concept in NY.

The idea is that the compact four-door crossover is ready and meant to go anywhere, from urban errands to winding roads to "off-roading with confidence to remote wilderness adventures". While Kia says it'd probably be categorized as a crossover if you must give it a label, the company actually prefers to think of it as an "ECEV" or "Everything Car Electric Vehicle".

The concept measures 4430mm long, 1600mm tall, 1955mm tall, and a 2830mm wheelbase. The HabaNiro also has satin aluminum skid plates, billet aluminum tow hooks and 20-inch wheels with red accents.

The outside of the HabaNiro naturally includes "lava red" panels on its sides and a "shark's snout" grille up front with what Kia calls a slit-like gap with glossy black aluminum "teeth".

Opening the butterfly doors uncovers a Lava Red interior.

Stepping past its "scissor-like" butterfly doors, HabaNiro occupants are treated to a seriously futuristic cabin devoid of restrictive, rectangular screens and archaic knobs and buttons. That, along with the ability to project movies on the screen, sounds great during Level 5 operation. But when a human needs to drive. well, we need to see it in action. A soft ambient glow shines through the bold geometrically-patterned floor, creating movement that reflects onto surfaces within the cabin.

An eye tracking and emotion reader, shown at CES, follow the driver and judge their emotional state.

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