Apple will let iPads act as an external display for Macs

Joanna Estrada
April 18, 2019

Now, Apple is rumored to be bringing a new interesting feature for those with iPads and Macs.

According to the report, Macs running macOS 10.15 will be able to extend their displays to iPads and move application windows onto the iPad displays.

Recent reports have detailed some of the main features of iOS 13, and claimed that macOS 10.15 would deliver a bunch of new standalone apps for music, podcasts, TV, and books. The latter may not be exactly the same as having an external monitor as it will supposedly run the window in fullscreen mode only. Since on-the-go workers aren't likely to tote around a second monitor in their backpack or laptop bag, the option to use an iPad as a display extension can make extra screen real estate a reality while retaining mobility. But Sidecar will also allow you to use the iPad as an input tool.

I'm a big fan of using Pixelmator on my iPad and Mac.

The new feature - called "Sidecar" internally - can be accessed via a simple menu.

The new feature follows a long tradition of operating system makers seeing utilities develop alongside their software and ether acquiring them or offering similar features. But that's a hardware solution requiring a special dongle.

Apple's solution will likely depend on the wireless chipsets in the last Macs and iOS devices that support tools like AirDrop - Apple's point-to-point networking protocol.

Apple is praised for many things but it is also criticized for just as many.

It's an intriguing feature and one that pushes Apple's device philosophy forward.

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