Alphabet's Jigsaw launches tool to hide noxious comments

Joanna Estrada
March 13, 2019

It's no secret that racism, bigotry, sexism, and general toxicity run rampant on many social media platforms. However, things haven't gotten much better.

If you're exhausted of seeing unpleasant comments when you surf the web (and who isn't?), a new experimental Chrome extension from Alphabet's Jigsaw unit might be able to help. Developed by Alphabet's Jigsaw, Tune's Perspective AI learns to flag negative comments from thousands of people labelling millions of posts as spam, harassment or obscene content. You can further choose to adjust the comments based on the site. The AI automatically blocks out comments that it considers toxic.

However, Tune isn't capable enough to filter out comments from all platforms. The company made the announcement on its YouTube Creator Blog.

The extension, called Tune, lets users adjust a volume-style knob to customize the level of "toxicity" in comments they're willing to tolerate or even eliminate comments altogether.

Jigsaw acknowledges that Tune's machine learning algorithms are still experimental, meaning that it will not hide all toxic comments and may sometimes block non-toxic comments.

Still, the more people that use it and give feedback on the experience, the better Tune can be at doing what it does. On another note, it doesn't work across the entirety of the internet; but only on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Disqus.

It should also be noted that Tune doesn't work across the entire web, but rather only on specific platforms.

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