Original Diablo, Warcraft to be made available digitally for the first time

Joanna Estrada
March 7, 2019

Something to look forward to: Diablo was the most wished for game on GOG.com's wishlist and now, it's available to purchase DRM free for the first time ever. The release of these classic titles begins today with the original Diablo, marking the first time it's been available digitally. Still, while some of its classic games such as Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, and the original Starcraft are supported by the current incarnation of Battle.net, even older games like Diablo, Warcraft, and Warcraft 2 are not. It's a click-click-clacky fantasy action-RPG about going deeper and deeper into the dungeons beneath a doomed village, whacking monsters to get bigger weapons to whack monsters harder to ultimately kill some manner of satan who's up to no good. That said, there's no sign of Diablo II. Blizzard says its collaborated with GOG on an updated version, which comes with Windows 10 compatibility, although won't connect to Battle.Net (but you'll still be able to play in multiplayer via LAN or P2P connections).

GOG is offering two different versions of Diablo with this release. Yes, Blizzard may have their own digital store with its own client, but this is only on GOG right now.

With both titles coming to GOG with notable improvements to operate on newer systems, it's a great chance for players to experience a classic for themselves while we wait for WoW Classic and new Diablo news!

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