Amazon shuts off sales of Dash buttons

Joanna Estrada
March 2, 2019

The big problem for us was that the options were limited both by the products you could order, and the quantity - most of the options were for three to six months supply, meaning the button spent most of its time lying idle.

Dash Buttons were certainly convenient, but not everyone was a fan. Each product branded device included just a single button to order the signature product of the brand in question, and they operated as part of the Prime subscription service.

Amazon is killing off the small, plastic, WiFi-enabled Dash Buttons that let customers quickly restock items like laundry detergent, baby food, paper towels and more.

The buttons cost £4.99 to buy, or $4.99 in the USA, although this was deducted from the first order.

Although Amazon is no longer selling Dash buttons, the e-commerce giant has committed to providing ongoing support for existing Dash button owners.

Amazon told the BBC that the Wi-Fi connected buttons have become unnecessary as customers simply subscribed and auto-reordered such essentials though its online service. However, they will live on in virtual form; access a catalog of digital buttons and add new ones on the Amazon website, app, or Echo Show.

Other Amazon products have made the physical Dash buttons less relevant. Another sticky situation for Amazon was the popularity of its buttons with hardware hackers who would repurpose these $£5 gadgets saving quite a sum on a typical unbranded smart button price.

If that doesn't bother you, and you already own a Dash Button, don't worry - it won't stop working, and will still allow you to order guitar strings, Doritos and Nerf darts in one second flat.

"We look forward to continuing support for our customers' shopping needs, including growing our Dash Replenishment product line-up and expanding availability of virtual Dash Buttons", Amazon said.

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