5 Tips for Mother of the Bride to Wear on a Destination Wedding

Lawrence Kim
February 22, 2019


As with time the concept of destination weddings is becoming very common and preferable by the young blood of the world. The idea is to choose a distinct venue for the big day and conduct the ceremony there to add a more beautiful touch to the wedding. If you are the mother of the most stunning bride, you need to keep a few things under consideration before finalizing your choice from the best mother of the bride dresses. Below is exactly what you need to be aware of:

1. Consider the Kind of Function:

The first thing that needs to be considered is what kind of function is being organized. By the kind, the emphasis is on the level of formality that will be followed. This will depend on the destination you choose for your wedding. In case the gathering is formal, decent and elegant type of dresses are to be worn. Other than that, if it a casual gathering, then you can go ahead with a long tee-dress or a revealing shoulders dress.

2. Understand the Location of the Function:

The destination of the wedding that will be chosen will play a vital role in determining what kind of mother of the bride dresses you should be looking for. The itinerary of the chosen location will tell you what kind of restrictions you will have to face to be comfortable and to look stunning at the same time. The weather of the place, the outdoor or indoor location, or the other factors will mainly decide the fabric and style of the dress.

3. Choose Colors Wisely:

The color of your dress determines the 80% look of it on your body. If the function is a destination wedding ceremony, then there’ll definitely be a theme which will be depicted by the decorations at the event. It isn’t necessary that you have to keep the color exactly similar to the theme, but ensure that you opt for something which goes well with it.

4. Do Something Different:

Usually, when you are the mother of the bride, you assume that the choices for you are very limited. Whereas, you should be the one breaking cliché traditions and hopping to something new and trendy that’ll set a new tradition. There are multiple options like short mother of the bride dresses, long dresses, flair dresses etc., which you can customize yourself by adding a jacket or a fancy jewelry set or any other new look that’ll make you pop out from the rest in a good way.

5. Don’t Overshine Than the Bride:

The most important tip that you need to keep under consideration is that you shouldn’t steal the limelight of the bride. In a wedding function, the bride should be the center of attraction for everyone present there. She and her attire and outlook should be the best. You, as the mother, have to take care of being the second best to give your daughter the best day of her life.

These were thus a few important tips that are necessary to keep under consideration when it comes to choosing a dress for you, as the mother of the bride.

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