Architectural Pavilions and Temporary Structures

Elias Hubbard
February 11, 2019


A pavilion is an additional building that may be separate from or attached to the main building. It is mostly a structure purely for pleasure. It brings a certain class and beauty to your home and would definitely be a factor to consider in adding value to your home.

A pavilion is simply a space where you can relax with a good friend or more and have your drinks and conversation or visit alone and enjoy a good book or movie on your laptop. You can also make a picnic basket and have fun with your little ones in your backyard on a sunny day.

Homeowners have alternatives to choose from when considering adding a pavilion. You can opt for a permanent structure which will take money and time to build. A temporary structure from would work just as well and cost significantly less. In addition, it takes very little time to set up.

Architectural Pavilions

Architectural pavilions are designed by experts to suit not only the client’s specifications, but also to either blend into the atmosphere or to disrupt it. Some homeowners may prefer a pavilion that is in stark contrast to their home atmosphere; one that creates a different ambiance altogether.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pavilion

A pavilion is a home improvement project just like any other. It is meant to add to the resplendence of your home. Temporary pavilions have the same effect as permanent ones with some added advantages:

·       They are cost-effective

·       They are portable

·       They can be customised to suit your specific needs

·       They take a significantly shorter time to construct and install

When buying one, you will need to consider some factors such as:


Evaluate the available space and choose a size that not only blends in with your landscape but also other outdoor structures in your home. Creating contrast may be great for aesthetics and to create something different, but you will need to be careful. Consulting an expert may be necessary for this instance so that they can guide you to the right contrast.

Staking out space for a few days may help with figuring out what is likely to get in the way. In addition, you will be able to visualise the kind of furniture and decorations that will best suit your temporary pavilion.


The materials used for your pavilion will determine how strong and durable it will be. The materials used to make temporary structures have one main advantage over permanent ones; they can let in natural lighting. This means that unless you plan to use the pavilion at night, you will rarely need to use artificial lighting.


It is important to find out if the company provides installation services unless you have the skills to install your DIY. Having a licensed contractor take care of installation may work to your advantage. This is because the contractor knows your pavilion better and is therefore the best qualified to install it properly.


A pavilion adds aesthetic value to an already beautiful home. In addition, it adds monetary value. It also provides space for anyone in the family that needs some space to relax and read or meditate or to hang out with friends over drinks or a meal.



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