CES 2019: Huawei taps new growth with new server chipset launch

Joanna Estrada
January 10, 2019

In the latest move, Huawei has unveiled Kunpeng 920, the highest performance ARM-based CPU yet, which has been tailor-made to encourage the boost of big data computing and distributed storage, besides performing the various tasks associated with ARM. We'd wait for independent reviews, though.

The Huawei TaiShan servers that are powered by the Kunpeng 920 processor come in three models: a storage-focused version, a high-density model, and one that was designed using a balanced approach.

William Xu, director, chief strategy marketing officer, chairman of the Investment Review Board of Huawei, speaks during an unveiling ceremony for a processor chip in Shenzhen, China, on January 7, 2019.

The TaiShan server offers a 3x improvement in running ARM-native applications in the cloud over non-ARM platforms, while the Kunpeng chipset is 30% more efficient than predecessors, it claims.

"Where we see the biggest value for the Kunpeng 920 is in data centers, servers and big data, " William Xu, Huawei's chief strategy marketing officer and a member of the company board, said at a news conference in Shenzhen. The Taishan servers aim to further boost their presence in the cloud computing market. The company has also revealed a new server based on the processors. AMD has its own product that it launched past year. This is not the first 7-nanometer chip that Huawei has produced. The company has the Kirin 980, which is designed for its own mobile phones, and the Ascend 910, which was created to handle artificial intelligence applications run in the cloud. "Huawei will continue its long-term strategic partnership with Intel". Huawei infers the main part of its income from selling telecommunications equipment and smartphones.

Therefore, in view of the industry trends and application requirements, a new era of diversified computing is unfolding.

Huawei is also aiming to trim down the tariffs that China and the U.S. put on each other's imports following the deteriorating relationship between the two countries. Xu said that Huawei will continue its relationship with Intel but it chooses the best option for each use case.

Though no benchmarks are available, based on specifications alone, the Kunpeng 920 should easily outperform Amazon's Graviton CPU, which was announced in November 2018.

The announcement came as Chinese industries that rely on Western technology step up efforts to develop their own. Now the firm has hopes of becoming one of the top cloud players on the planet competing with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Alibaba.

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