Online Sports Betting Guide 2019

Elias Hubbard
January 9, 2019

Online sports betting is one of the ways people make money online. Online sports betting is popular especially in the UK, and people bet for two main reasons; to make money, and for entertainment. While some bet purely for fun, majority bet expecting earnings. It's always prudent to make some money even as you enjoy.

 In any money making venture, one is required to apply tested strategies to succeed.  In sports betting, just like those other ventures, there are known tips you can use to maximize on your earnings. There are no shortcuts in making money. You need to put efforts and employ necessary tricks to make it. You have to invest time and money.

Here, you will learn about the top strategies that will guarantee you success in your betting anytime. You can start winning as a new better or as an experienced bettor. 

1. Properly manage your bankroll

In sports betting, like casino betting, you must set aside money for betting. Betting is addictive, and you can be tempted to bet all the money you have. For you to be on the safe side, you should budget for betting and stick to that budget. The money set aside for betting is commonly known as a bankroll.

The best trick to guide you in fixing a betting budget is to bet money you can afford to lose. Some bettors think that by increasing the bankroll, they will recover the bets they have lost. In most instances, they lose even more money. As a bettor, after losing, always remember you can retrieve the loss gradually. Just stick to your budget and strategize towards winning subsequent bets. Over time, you will be able to recover from the loss and make profits slowly.

2. Bet only when you are sober.

You should avoid betting when you are under the influence of the drug substance. Usually, when you are sober, you can make sound judgment in your betting decisions.

When you are betting for profits, you must avoid mistakes in your judgments. Some people prefer to gamble when they are under the influence of drugs, but it's not advisable. If you always bet while high on some drugs, you can try to bet while you are sober. You will notice that you can better and win. The famous winners are always sober when betting.

4. Avoid betting when you are unstable emotionally to avoid illogical reasoning.

Emotional betting makes one make mistakes, that would otherwise be avoided if the bettor was using common sense. Some of the emotions that can ruin your betting include stronger anger or fatigue. If you notice any of those take a break from betting until you are stable. During such times you engage in constructive activities like exercising. That will help your mind become clear.

5. Research and read widely about sports betting.

Betting for money is serious work. You need to do your homework well. In many instances, people bet on their favorite teams. That works in some cases, but to increase your chances of winning, you need to do more. You need to research any sport you want to bet on. There is a lot of information online about sports. As a prudent bettor, go through the statistics and analyze them.

Analyze the performance of the sports from the data on past games. Increases the chances of making correct predictions about the games. You are always assured of winning even before you place your bet.

6. Go through various sportsbooks and choose the best lines

For you to join the league of victorious bettors, you need to understand this trick. Online betting sites offer several sportsbooks. Some lines are better than others. Some lines offer more chances to make more money than other lines. The best way to go about this is first to analyze them. With the information about the lines, you can choose the best.

7. Bet on authentic and licensed betting sites

There are a lot of scammers out there. The best way to avoid being scammed is to bet on site with a track record. If a site does not show the past performance, then it may not be legit.

Additionally, look at the reviews from the past users. A reliable site will have positive reviews from the former users. Catchy advertisement lines should not entice you. Take your time to choose an authentic betting site.

8. Bet on home underdogs.

This is an essential strategy useful especially by the beginners. It is commonly believed that teams playing from home are always inspired to win. Betting in these teams is a guarantee that you will make money because your team will win.

However, this strategy has failed many. It's not always the case that home dogs win. Hence those who have applied this strategy have made losses in some instances.

9. Proper timing

Placing bets at the right time is essential as one has a higher chance of winning. The betting lines shift often. That means the betting prices are often changing too. To correctly predict the rates, you can still observe the trends. Bet when the prices are low. 

10. Maintain a competitive edge in your betting.

In sports betting, the bettor has the advantage of making his independent betting decision. The case is different in gambling where gamblers have to follow what others are doing.

In betting you have the freedom of exploring various tricks and applying whichever method works for you. You don't have to align your choices with the opinions of others. 


Betting is based on luck, but you can still increase your chances of winning by applying the above-proven strategies.  The strategies will not make you win every time you place a bet, but your chances of winning are very high.

 Sports betting is enjoyable, and one can make money out of it. If you apply all the above strategies, you are sure that you can earn money from betting. You are also assured of your security. Always remember that you need to be very disciplined in your betting especially with the bankroll. Lastly, you need to invest your time in research to best understand the viable betting strategies and avoid being scammed. 

Many successful bettors have used these strategies, and the results are visible. It's important to realize some people are making huge money through sports betting. The profits from the bets are enough to meet their immediate needs and even saving for the future. You can become one of the successful bettors by applying the strategies — all the best in your sports betting.


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