Dropping N-Word Sparks Backlash

Lawrence Kim
December 24, 2018

Chris Rock, who was also featured in the 2011 HBO special Talking Funny, is also receiving backlash for his participation. "You don't really know him like - I've worked with him". Everyone was laughing, and Louis CK threw his head back, then retorted. But a few years ago he let embattled #MeToo casualty Louie CK get away withi saying "N!gger" right in his face unchecked.

Clearly enjoying himself, Gervais declares, "Who says n*****r onstage?"

"You're saying I'm a n-?"

Twitter, is not cutting slack to either comedian for the comments. "Black people never have and never will give white folks permission to call us that".

"And all the negative things we think about black people, this f-er", he said, slapping C.K.'s knee.

"Chris Rock enabled the convo". "So Chris Rock just said Louis C.K.is a white "n****r" he and Ricky Gervais not only agreed but preceded to say n****r about five times", Joseph tweeted on Saturday. "I don't care if your best friend is the blackest dude in the world, don't".

"That's the huge difference between you and me, I think", C.K. said. Instead, the voice speaking up for blacks was Jerry Seinfeld.

Chris Rock outta all people.

With the clip having been widely circulated over the weekend, C.K., Rock and Gervais were met with fresh criticism on social media.

Comedian Wayne Brady didn't see anything amusing about a resurfaced 2011 video of Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld mulling over the use of the N-word.

The snippet stirred up much debate about the use of the controversial term, and many have had their chance to chime in, largely voicing their disapproval of Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais's use of the word. They stated there was no credible evidence that either was actually racist.

It's just that Rock, whose comedy is known for its sharpness on race, left people disappointed when he giggled as two white guys used the N-word, while Seinfeld was the only adult to chide them for their, ya know, racism.

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