‘Christmas miracle’: Costa Rican fisherman rescued after 20 days at sea

Marco Green
December 24, 2018

Two sailors who had been stranded for almost three weeks in their small fishing vessel were rescued Friday night when a Royal Caribbean cruise ship found them adrift at sea. They managed to fish for food but were severely low on fresh water, having only brought enough for seven days.

"Sometimes a little luck is all you need for a miracle", he said.

Their salvation came on Friday in an unexpected form: a massive cruise ship with 11 decks, a dining room, cafe, and specialty grille, four bars, a "vitality spa", and a rock-climbing wall to boot.

After being stranded at sea for over three weeks, two Costa Rican fisherman were rescued by a cruise ship in what is being described as a "Christmas miracle". Fleet said the cruise ship was not scheduled to be there but had taken an alternate route because of bad weather. Rescue centers in Grand Cayman and Jamaica were contacted, but they were reportedly unable to provide assistance.

Both received medical attention onboard.

The boaters, who were fishermen, had originally set sail from Costa Rica. They had left Porto Limon in Costa Rica to cast their nets, but their boat was blown away into the sea after they fell asleep.

The fishermen were discovered halfway between Grand Cayman and Jamaica, according to a Royal Caribbean spokesman.

After staff boarded the fishing boat in Friday's rescue, "one of the fishermen could no longer walk and our crew carried him to the tender and carried him on board", said Mr Van Fleet. They ran out of fuel trying to get back.

"Some $300 (£236)" was also raised by the crew to help them buy food and clothes after the fishermen disembarked in Jamaica.

The men were then checked out by the cruise's onboard doctors and nurses, before getting off in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, to go to hospital.

"Had we not changed itinerary to get to better weather, we would never have been in that spot at that time".

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