Former NASA engineer admits 'glitter bomb' video was partially fake

James Marshall
December 22, 2018

That's the admission of Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who built a glitter bomb package that explodes after it has been stolen from a front porch.

Christmas came early for a lot of YouTube fans when a popular creator by the name of Mark Rober dropped a karma-filled video showing off his latest invention: a glitter bomb dressed up like an expensive gadget to bait and prank package thieves.

Two of the so-called "thieves" filmed stealing the box were actually in on the prank.

"I was presented with information that caused me to doubt the veracity of 2 of the 5 reactions in the video", he said in the statement. "These were reactions that were captured during a two-week period while the device was at a house two hours away from where I live", he said on YouTube.

Rober said this was his first prank video but he encourages people to check out his channel.

On Thursday, Rober admitted on Twitter that portions of the video were probably staged, but insisted he had nothing to do with it.

The video has now been edited to remove the two fake reactions from the original five.

"I'm really sorry about this", he added. "Ultimately, I am responsible for the content that goes on my channel and I should have done more here", Rober said in the statement. I can vouch that the reactions were genuine when the package was taken from my house.

Rober said he's "especially gutted because so much thought, time, money and effort when into building the device and I hope this doesn't just taint the entire effort as 'fake.' It genuinely works. and we've made all the code and build info public".

Some still called the video, "video of the year". The impressively produced clip shows off Rober's invention ― a baited box that blasts glitter and fart spray on thieves when they open the package, takes video of the surprised crooks and tracks the location by Global Positioning System.

The box on Robert Lynch's porch wasn't actually a delivery, it was a box he was trying to get rid of.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for porch pirate grinches!

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