Divorce of the decade | Pitt and Jolie fail still hurts

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Декабря 21, 2018


For sure, you know about such a separation. This proceeding was shown on all the channels of the world, each person felt sorrow or hatred towards Pitt or Jolie, however, till nowadays we are hesitating about their decision to split up, we are worrying about their children and an everyday happy life that was destroyed in a minute! Let us dig into the situation once again and let you remember, how burning that news was at the very beginning.


Brad Pitt does not have the slightest regret that he and Angelina are currently divorced: according to the trustworthy sources, living together with the mother of his six children has deteriorated so much in recent years that now he only feels relieved and free as Dobbie in Harry Potter. And now he is planning a new life - without Jolie.

“Brad doesn’t care that Angelina might miss him or regret that she filed for divorce,” a source at Hollywoodlife.com said. “Their relationship is over, marriage is exhausted, and Brad is not going to resurrect the past and give them a second chance. The last couple of years have been hell for Brad - so much so that he began to wonder: did he even know the real Angelina?!

Now Brad is trying to bring his life to a new level, and the main concern for him is his children.

Earlier, friends of Jolie told that Angelina allegedly began to regret that she filed for divorce. Like, with the departure from Pitt in her life formed an emptiness, which she cannot fill.

“The longer their divorce goes, the more she misses Brad.” She regrets that he is not with her every day, - says the source. - She doubts that she made the right decision for their family. The more she is angry at her husband, the more she misses him.

Recall the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lasts for two years. The couple cannot share custody of children. Now, six offspring live with their mother, and only recently the court allowed Pitt to meet more often with them. The lawyers of the ex-spouses fought in court until mid-August, when it was announced that Jolie and Pitt were preparing to conclude a peace agreement. Recently it became known that Pitt and Jolie met in person and discussed all matters relating to guardianship: Brad came home to Angelina. This meeting was the first meeting of the spouses since the break - not counting the sessions of group family psychotherapy, which they were obliged to undergo trial.

“Brad and Angelina arranged a secret meeting at her house,” a source said. - The meeting was very successful. Angelina decided it was time to conclude a constructive agreement on custody. Brad took it with relief, and he is ready for any suggestions. He wants to settle things in peace and create a peaceful atmosphere in the family for the sake of the children.

No sooner had the fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rejoiced that the ex-spouses finally stopped fighting in court and signed an agreement on custody of the children, as it turned out that there was still a long way between them. The actress continues to intrigue against her ex-husband and turns children against him. Angelina used a forbidden trick: she told her son Pax that Brad Pitt was against his adoption. Moreover, the actress admitted that Pitt got angry when he found out that she still prepares the documents for approval. Now the 15-year-old teenager refuses to communicate with his father, the Daily Mail reports.

The couple adopted a boy from Vietnam in 2007 when Pax was three years old. At the time, the biological daughter of a pair of Shilo was only one-year-old, and the actor wanted Angelina to think first of all about her younger child. Brad was genuinely concerned that it would be difficult for Jolie to raise a one-year-old baby and at the same time take care of three adopted children (by that time the five-year-old Cambodian Maddox and a two-year-old girl from Ethiopia Zahara were already growing up in the family). Besides, Pitt feared that a non-English-speaking Paku would be hard to adapt in an unfamiliar environment at the age of three.

In response, Angelina said: "Pax needs me much more than Shilo." And as always, she did everything in her way. The couple then almost broke off the relationship, they had a tough time. But Brad still stayed with Jolie, and later adopted and adopted Pax, giving him his last name.

Pitt’s relationship with the eldest son Maddox is also not an easy one. Maddox has always been Angelina's favorite and in any situation remained on her side.

“He was always very stubborn and always defended his mother,” say friends of ex-spouses.

It was from the quarrel Maddox and Brad in a private jet in 2016 that the divorce of Jolie and Pitt began. Since then, Maddox practically does not talk with his father. The guy is already 17 years old, and he, by law, can choose for himself from which parent to live and socialize.

Willingly, the 12-year-old daughter Shiloh is in contact with her father. The girl grows a copy of Brad, and, according to the environment, she is always glad to meet him.

Every year in the family of Jolie and Pitt appeared on the child. In 2005, they adopted the dark-skinned Zakhara, in 2006 their daughter Shiloh was born, and in 2007 they adopted Pax. A year later, in 2008, they had twins Knox and Vivienne. Angelina always said that she feels with her foster children an even greater spiritual connection than with biological ones.

Recall that in early December, the press learned that 54-year-old Brad Pitt and 43-year-old Angelina Jolie signed a custody agreement. On December 4, another hearing was to take place, but the actors were able to agree amicably about how they would educate their offspring. The journalists were informed about this by the lawyer of the actress Samantha Bley Digin.

“The agreement on the trusteeship agreement was reached two weeks ago, and now it is signed by both parties and the judge,” the lawyer said. Angelina insisted on sole custody of the children.

According to the lawyer and divorce services, the custody agreement is “based on the recommendations of a child custody expert,” so the need for a lawsuit is no longer required. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed "in the interests of children." Earlier it was reported that Angelina almost two years insisted on sole custody, while Brad always wanted to raise children on an equal footing with his ex-wife and spend half the time with them.

Now six offspring (17-year-old Maddox, 15-year-old Pax, 13-year-old Zakhara, 12-year-old Shiloh and 10-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox) live with their mother, and only recently the court allowed Pitt to meet more often with them.

Most of all dates with Brad rejoices 12-year-old Shiloh. The girl grows a copy of his father.


When the divorce of Jolie and Pitt (we recall, it has lasted from September 2016) ends, it is still unknown. Recently, Angelina asked to officially extend the powers of a private judge, John Oderkerk, engaged in the divorce process, until December 31, 2019. In addition to disagreements over custody (which are now settled), divorce also delays the financial issue. Ex-spouses cannot share the joint property. At one time they did not enter into a marriage contract when they had a wedding in 2014. At stake is the 400 millionth state, and his Jolie and Pitt have yet to be divided.


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