Theresa May is taking Brexit advice off David Cameron

Lawrence Kim
December 17, 2018

While many have used Twitter to complain about how Saturday Night Live represents them, others are more appreciative of the shout-out. McKinnon is mimicking the real Prime Minister's moves, while flamboyant backing dancers dressed as stereotypical British bobbies are seen behind her, before she says: "What a terrible week it's been".

It opens with the prime minister, played by Kate McKinnon, busting her infamous dance moves alongside four gyrating police officers, before addressing the nation with a pained grin. My Brexit deal is falling apart, I nearly got voted out and no-one in the world likes me at all.

"You know what's amusing?" he says. That 11.55pm slot on Saturday Night Live is traditionally used to throw in something completely off the wall, with no concern for if the general United States viewer will get it or not (if they've watched the whole show already, it doesn't matter if you lose them now). "And I probably didn't get all the jokes, but I laughed everything that my dad laughed at". Even Lord Voldemort makes an appearance, and is introduced by McKinnon as "the one person in Britain more reviled than me".

"My father passed away a year ago yesterday, and tonight my big brother is in Boston right now watching with his two boys, and all my kids are here, including my youngest who happens to be eight years old", Damon continued.

Mr Peston claimed Mr Cameron has said the prime minister "has to help parliament find an answer, recognising that she doesn't have a majority". "I found her cheerful, from afar". He wrote, "THEY HAD A WHOLE A- SKIT ABOUT WEEZER AND ME ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE AND IM ACTUALLY CRYING AAAGGGGHHHHHHH". "But just as a speaking voice, I took delight in it".

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