Here`s what causes asthma in kids with obesity

Henrietta Strickland
November 29, 2018

The links between asthma and weight are disputed, some saying that obesity could contribute by stunting lung and airway growth.

The researchers added that an estimated 23 percent to 27 percent of new asthma cases in children with obesity could be attributed to obesity, which would mean around ten percent of asthma case could be avoided in this age group, which is nearly 1 million children in the United States, if children maintained a healthy weight. Overall, about eight percent had been diagnosed with asthma. This was based on a diagnosis or asthma drug prescription but not on breathing test results.

American scientists say that a tenth of asthma cases in childhood could be avoided if children stayed a healthy weight.

"Asthma is the number one chronic disease in children and some of the causes such as genetics and viral infections during childhood are things we can't prevent", said the study's lead author Jason E. Lang, M.D.

The study has several limitations, Lang said, including that the data were collected during doctor's visits and not in a controlled clinical research setting. Children who were overweight but not obese (BMI in the 85-94th percentile) also had a 17-per cent increased asthma risk compared to healthy-weight peers. Researchers discovered that obese youngsters were more likely to develop the lung condition than children of a healthy weight.

The researchers found that obesity among children with asthma appears to increase disease severity. "There are few preventable risk factors to reduce the incidence of asthma, but our data show that reducing the onset of childhood obesity could significantly lower the public health burden of asthma", said Terri Finkel, Chief Scientific Officer at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando and co-author of the new study. A significant portion of them - about 41 thousand - suffer from various forms of asthma, and another 100 thousand from obesity.

"Children with asthma can be as active as they want to be - we have had Olympic level athletes with asthma", said Rastogi, who wrote an editorial that was published with the study. "They need to be aware of their symptoms and if they associate a particular activity with asthma, they should take their asthma medication called albuterol 20 to 30 minutes before they participate in that activity".

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