Bigg Boss 12 Day 67: Megha Throws a Shoe at Deepak

Lawrence Kim
November 23, 2018

Surbhi and Deepak are the contenders for the Fizz Captain of the week.

In a task titled, "Breaking News", Sweta Singh, a popular journalist is invited into the Bigg Boss 12 house in order to judge this task.

They are both allowed to consult other contestants too for help with this task.

Surbhi and Deepak were in the prowl for news from the house.

Is this Happy Club's new trick to get Sreesanth to become aloof? Surbhi's news spread like a wildfire in the house and everyone gave their comments supporting her conjecture. The two players had to report the best breaking news in the house to bag a point.

Rohit and Romil tried to create news pretending to leave the house jumping off the wall. In today's episode of BB 12, Megha and Deepak's ugly fight will continue to create drama inside the house. Surbhi further tries to investigate about her fight with Romil. But Romil decides not to talk about it and merely says, "No comments".

Deepak says she is spreading fake news. During the task, Rohit Suchanti had also shared a secret about his personal life that he once dated the daughter of a famous Bollywood producer. Surbhi manages to establish that the Happy Club has dismantled. While the two came up with several news, it was Sreesanth who bagged the spotlight and let Surbhi win an extra point in the last round with his major revelation. She later threw her shoe at him. In the third round, Deepak spoke about the rumours of a ghost living in the Bigg Boss house whereas Surbhi telecasted the big fight between Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan. Megha accepted it and went to jail. She also said that Surbhi should stop bragging about being unbiased because even she plays mind games.

She applauds Surbhi's coverage of Sreesanth's SlapGate scandal.

They says the house may have negative energies as she sleepwalks more than often now.

Deepak asks Srishty how many girlfriends he would have outside the house. Apparently, Harbhajan told him right at the start to not show any aggression. However, when Mumbai Indians lost the match and Sreesanth went to wish him "hard luck", Harbhajan hit him with the back of his hand that can not be called a slap. He says that people can check the video. Sreesanth reveals he was helpless and so he cried. He then addressed on the camera that there is nothing awry between him and Harbhajan now. Surbhi and Deepak are 1-1.

Revealing the truth? Or concocting stories to firm their captaincy?

Romil and Surbhi nominated Megha for being rude to Deepak earlier this week. Dipika Kakar was seen telling Megha that she did wrong with Deepak. He tells his wife through camera to call Harbhajan and inform him about it.

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