Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Climate Change Remarks For Mistaking "How Knowledge Works"

James Marshall
October 21, 2018

If the current trend continues, the world faces increased food shortages and wildfires and a mass die-off of coral reefs by 2040. Yet after finding myself drenched in dread, I pursue a kind of denial that allows people to function despite impending doom: Go about daily life, albeit under a darkening cloud. So when the panel, under the aegis of the United Nations, tells us that our one and only planet is teetering on the precipice of a veritable climate genocide, we have permission to hit the panic button. Turn off lights. Recycle.

So how do we save ourselves when we have so little time? And maybe that's the trouble.

She returned to the city last week from the IPCC meeting in Incheon, South Korea, where experts agreed that global warming needed to be capped at 1.5ºC to avoid drastic effects of climate change, and motivate for action to change the way the world worked. "A psychologist could barely dream up a better scenario for paralysis". Then we watch yet another hurricane wash away entire towns.

The controversial carbon tax already makes gassing up at the pumps more expensive.

Gutowski also said people need to remember that the implications caused by climate change have a much greater impact on people living in less developed areas than the USA and the U.S specifically has a responsibility to act because of the large amount of greenhouse gases are created by the US. We now suffer from a form of "ecological grief".

Taking action is, of course, far more complicated and hard than it sounds.

Its conclusions are stark - global carbon emissions must start to reduce well within 12 years if we are to prevent potentially catastrophic climate change from becoming irreversible reality. Plant trees, lots of trees. The most popular proposed solutions to climate change are restrictions on power plant emissions, worldwide agreements to limit emissions, tougher fuel efficiency standards for cars, corporate tax incentives, and individuals reducing their carbon footprint.

Doing something can tamp down anxiety and show we do indeed care. What if Americans (at 325 million strong) commit to planting CO2-thirsty trees for everyone in their family or donating $10 to the Sierra Club or other nature-savvy groups?

The IPCC is the United Nations body for evaluating the science related to climate change and, "to provide policymakers with regular scientific assessments concerning climate change", according to the IPCC press release. Why take a chance on a polluted planet for your children and grandchildren? Any increase beyond 1.5ºC would amplify the impacts on terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal ecosystems and affect negatively their benefits to humans.

The reduction of carbon dioxide is possible by first increasing the natural process like planting more trees and second by having new technologies to completely remove the use of deadly gas for industrial purposes. One way or another, humans are involved. Rubio, who is witness to the Hurricane Michael catastrophe in his constituency, said although he recognises that human activity is the main cause of climate change, but policies that would be suggested to check this will need to be weighed against "the public interest and other topics".

As the Earth warms due to the continued burning of coal, oil, and gas, climate-related disasters that include high-intensity hurricanes, floods, droughts, extreme precipitation, forest fires, and heat waves, pose rising dangers to life and property. He had taped a map tracking Hurricane Michael to the blackboard, on which he'd written in chalk evidence for global warming. This growing human trauma reflects the trauma that humans have been inflicting on our planet. And they asked the IPCC to figure out how hard that would be. Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, for instance, argues that: "The Saudis will keep killing civilians and journalists as long as we keep arming and assisting them".

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